Belle (Owner of Bellephotography)

About Me

Hey, I'm Belinda or Belle for short!

I love to capture special moments and document moments in time.
I like to wear my heart on my sleeve. During a birthday or event I'll most likely get all teary eyed when your parents and friend tell a speech. Or when your little one looks up at you and smiles. When your'e getting into your pose and flexing Ill be there cheering you on at the sight of feathers in your muscle or a vain that wasn't there before. 

I love being able to get you comfortable in front of the camera and just be yourself. My photographs aren't overly posed or edited, the aim is to capture you being yourself. Whether thats training in the gym, laughing together as a family or celebrating an event. I may help you slightly with poses or repositioning a little but the best is just to be your natural self. 

When I am not photographing I love to be surrounded by loved ones. My amazing fiancé, friends and family. I love all things Bodybuilding (You'll notice this on fitness shoots) Im generally that crazy person yelling out at comps and listening to every bodybuilding podcast out there in Australia.